For the Love of Cake


La Comida Social founder, Jenny, has been baking for as long as she can remember.  Using a step stool to reach her mother’s baking bowls to measure out the flour and sugar.  She learned early on from her mother how to make people smile by baking them delicous homemade treats.  As she grew up, Jenny carried that love and aspiration with her as she worked in bakeries on Long Island.

She knew there was something out there for her in baking, and years later found it in La Comida Social.  Jenny makes custom-made desserts and sweet treats for any occasion.  Putting much time and thoughtfulness into each creation, every dessert is made with the highest quality ingredients and freshness.  You will taste it in the first bite.  Jenny uses organic King Arthur Flour, organic sugar, organic cream and organic eggs.  All orders are custom made one-of-a-kind creations.

Thanks, Mom.

Every Dessert

is made with the highest quality 
ingredients and freshness.